Compact Disc Player

PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)

PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)

PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)
The pictures show the product for sale. Previously it worked flawlessly, now it only reads the table of contents. Pictures are better than words.

My pictures show exactly the offered item. If there should be more, it will be mentioned in the description.

I've written everything about the product. I accept no liability for damage resulting from transport. I do not accept complaints.

If you have any questions, please ask. Because this item is used / it will show minimum to moderate cosmetic wear and may have some noticeable, scratches, scuffs, dust, and other wear.

We would also advise viewing each of the pictures to get a better idea of condition specifics. ¥ 60,000 (released in 1995). A turntable mechanism type CD player with Legato link conversion S.

The digital circuit is equipped with newly developed Legato link conversion S. In the Legato link conversion, the components of 20 kHz or higher, which are not recorded on CD, are estimated from the waveform of the original signal based on 1/f attenuation characteristics and reproduced. In addition, the Legato link Conversion S expands on this idea by adding an independent harmonic generation circuit that generates harmonic components. Based on the attenuation characteristics estimated from the original sound, harmonic components above 20 kHz are also generated and added together with the time axis. This improves the response to harsh sounds and eliminates unnecessary ringing.

The mechanism section is equipped with a unique CD turntable mechanism. In the conventional tray method, the clamping area for supporting the disk is as small as f 32 mm, and there are various problems in suppressing the excessive vibration of the disk. This enables the disk to be supported by the entire surface from the lower part, reduces the influence of external vibration and sound pressure, is resistant to surface vibration, and ensures high-precision rotation that suppresses unnecessary vibration of the disk itself.

In addition, by adopting a spindle motor with a high starting torque of 65g · cm, it has acquired a stable drive capability that is resistant to load fluctuations. > The D/A converter is equipped with a unique 1-bit high-speed pulse flow D/A converter that does not generate 0 cross distortion or glitch noise. In this D/A converter, the noise shaper operates at a high oversampling frequency of 384 fs to reduce the requantization noise that occurs during bit compression. This reduces the load on the noise shaper, and can be used at a low order (second order), reducing the influence of out-of-band noise and analog low-pass filters.

In addition, the master clock is operated at a low frequency of 16.93 mhz to avoid the effect of jitter. The internal layout uses direct construction to minimize the signal path. The proper layout of major circuits, such as power supplies, digital / servo circuits, and audio circuits, and shortening of signal transmission paths eliminate the effects of inter-circuit interference and high-frequency noise in transmission paths. The digital circuit board is also coated with ferrite to reduce high-frequency noise. The power supply section uses twin power transformers for digital & servo and analog circuits to prevent noise generation due to mutual interference of circuits. In addition, the power supply circuit consists of a 2-transformer, 4-part, 8-regulator configuration, which independently rectifies of servo / digital, display, D/A converter, and audio are independently rectified. In addition, independent regulators are provided for each circuit of the signal path. This prevents mutual interference and ensures stable power supply.

The chassis has a honeycomb structure with excellent rigidity and high vibration resistance to eliminate unnecessary vibration. In addition, in order to block the reflection of sound from the outside, a honeycomb structure is adopted, and a resin stabilizer is provided on the side to form a silhouette with vibration resistance and features. Unnecessary circuits are turned OFF according to the selection of the digital / analog logout selector switch. In addition, a display OFF switch is also equipped to eliminate the influence of scanning noise and unused circuits when the FL lights up.

It is equipped with Computer Program Edit which changes the order of songs to minimize the remaining time of the tape just by setting the time of the tape with the remote control, Time Fade Edit which automatically fades out to a pause state when the tape time is specified, and Auto Program Edit which judges how many songs can be recorded and records the last song without interruption when the tape time is specified. It is equipped with peak search function, memory hold function, digital / analog changeover switch and display off function. Equipped with CD-DECK synchro terminal.

Wireless remote control is included. Three beam semiconductor laser system. 1-bit High-Speed Pulse Flow (Twin).

2 Hz to 20 kHz. Measurement limit ± 0.001% W.

Not more than 0.0017%. Optical output : -15dBm -20dBm (wavelength 660 nm). 2-Transformer / 5-Part / 8 Regulator.

Width 440x Height 131x Depth 286 mm. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\TV, Video & Home Audio\Home Audio\Home Audio Components\CD Players & Recorders". The seller is "vetroistvan" and is located in this country: HU. This item can be shipped to United States, all countries in Europe, Canada.

  • Playable Media Format: CD
  • Color: Gold
  • CD Changer Capacity: 1
  • Year Manufactured: 1995
  • Item Length: 286mm
  • Audio Outputs: Stereo L/R RCA
  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Type: CD Player
  • Item Height: 131mm
  • Model: PD-T04S
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • RMS Power: 12
  • Item Width: 440mm
  • Item Weight: 5kg
  • Product Line: Disc Player

PIONEER PD-T04S Compact Disc Player (1995)