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Lux CD player MQA-CD / MQA file compatible (Blaster White) LUXMAN D-03X

Lux CD player MQA-CD / MQA file compatible (Blaster White) LUXMAN D-03X
Lux CD player MQA-CD / MQA file compatible (Blaster White) LUXMAN D-03X
Lux CD player MQA-CD / MQA file compatible (Blaster White) LUXMAN D-03X

Lux CD player MQA-CD / MQA file compatible (Blaster White) LUXMAN D-03X

An advanced standard, the music of pleasure. The three key elements that make up a digital player are "Mechanisms, digital and analog circuits". In other words, it converges into "High-precision reading, high-definition conversion, and high-definition output".

The Lacksman's latest CD player, the D-03X, is an evolution of the concept of the past digital players, incorporating the best features and technology. The D-03X is an advanced standard model that is full of the attractiveness of the new generation digital media player. It can play back a variety of music sources, from the highest-spec high-resolution sound source to the latest MQA method and even green CD sound source, in a high quality and rich in expression. The D-03X supports PCM data of up to 384 kHz/32 bit and DSD data of 11.2 MHz as USB input in order to adapt to the latest sound source environment of music distribution service.

The S/PDIF input supports PCM signals up to 192 kHz/24 bit. In addition, the full decode playback of MQA (MQA-CD/MQA File), which has been increasing the number of titles as a new high quality sound source format in recent years, is supported by all inputs of CD, USB, S/PDIF. In addition to the general isochronous transfer method, the USB input uses Bulk Pet transfer (4 Mode), which realizes high sound quality by reducing the processing load on the PC. In addition, a low-phase noise clock module with high accuracy and low jitter is installed to reduce noise near the oscillation frequency, thereby improving the overall accuracy of signal transmission.

As a digital player, the most upstream component of the system, high-quality analog amplifier circuits are essential to accurately read highly digitally processed music signals, convert them into analog signals using highly accurate DACs, and output high-quality audio signals. In the D-03X, the differential output of the DAC operated in monaural mode is input to the I/V conversion circuit of the perfect balance configuration, and the next low pass filter amplifier is strongly driven by making it low impedance. It also features an asymmetrical (asymmetry) left-sided mechanical layout with excellent signal flow, vibration path and weight balance. In addition, the box structure surrounding the entire mechanism with a strong chassis rigidly blocks external vibration. The accumulation of such thorough attention to detail underscores the ideal digital player that Lacksman seeks.

Steel top extension high reliability mechanism. The D-03X features the latest specifications, including a new steel top plate and a high-reliability CD drive mechanism that consists of a well-established 8mm thick solid aluminum mechanical base and a sealed box chassis with a loop-less structure. Stable signal reading and silence are realized. The D-03X has a D/A converter with a 32 bit TI PCM 1795 in dual configuration (monaural mode). The operating environment with the high performance DAC provides highly accurate and precise conversion, bringing out the full appeal of the music signal engraved on the digital signal.

Extensive input and output terminals. The D-03X is equipped with an analog output with a gold plated RCA pin of 18 mm pitch on the back and a high-grade XLR pin made by Neutrik. The digital system has a USB input compatible with DSD/PCM signals, as well as coaxial and optical input/output terminals. Large-capacity power supply circuit block.

The Lacksman's traditional high-inertia (high inertia) power supply is composed of a large power transformer, a regulator independent of each circuit, and a large-capacity block capacitor. The enclosure is a composite structure of a loose-pressed and shielded chassis designed to protect against magnetic fields, earth impedance and digital noise. The FL display has excellent visibility and is equipped with a zoom mode that makes it easy to see from a distance. Also, when playing MQA-CD/MQA files, the decode status (Studio/Blue, Authentic/Green, Renderer/Purple Red) is indicated by the 3-color LED indicator.

The D-03X comes with an aluminum remote control with a numeric keypad that is easy to use and has a finish similar to that of Blaster White on the front panel. While in the listening position, you can perform various playback operations and display dimmer functions comfortably.

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  • Model: D-03X
  • Playable Media Format: CD
  • Type: CD Player
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Luxman

Lux CD player MQA-CD / MQA file compatible (Blaster White) LUXMAN D-03X